Best deals on Fog Lights for bike online in India

Lights installed in today’s bike are consistently becoming small and light by delivering the brightest possible illumination to provide safety to riders on roads. Whenever you go to shop for headlight or fog light for bike, you should consider different aspects, about which you will understand clearly with our blog post.

Types or Forms of Bike Lights

Any well-lit bikes remain equipped with rear, side and front lighting system to make sure about visibility to pedestrians and motorists both. Moreover, to commute on riding a bike after darkness, particularly to experience trail rides far from any ambient light source, it is essential for you that your bike indicator or front light has high-output type of light system to allow you viewing ahead of yourself.

High-Output Type of Lighting Systems

Next, you should go with high-output or rechargeable type of LED headlight for bike i.e. light systems providing the highest intensity of illumination. These categorize as safety lights and allow you to view clearly while go for trail or in plane road and in almost every type of weather condition.  

Rear, Side and Front LED Lights

Along with head grills for your bike, like for instance Royal Enfield head grill, it is essential for you to install rear, front and side safety lights in your bikes. These light systems help any motorists to view easily even in dim light conditions. The brightest LED headlight and fog light for bike plays a major role to bring improvement in the visibility during the daytime. Prime differences associated with models of safety lights lie in their mounting options, usage as disposable or rechargeable batteries and the exact numbers of used Light Emitting Diodes. Especially, today, a large number of bike parts suppliers or bike customization items’ suppliers offer LED-based lighting systems. This is because; LEDs come with durability and energy efficiency, which make them predominant light sources to use as bike lights, while they come in varying brightness levels.

Performance of Lights as per Beam Pattern and Lumens


Lumen refers to a measurement unit quantifying the exact amount of light that falls on a particular object, which you want illuminate. Based on its ability to measure at uniform distances, lumen indicates the intensity of lights as per a single lighting unit. A large number of light manufacturers today, including our RJ Express provide lumen rating of bike lights.

Beam Pattern

Beam pattern is another considerable factor associated with selection of head or fog light for bike. This is because; when you commute on streets with adequate and properly placed streetlights, you have to choose front light, as it has narrow-focused type of light beam. On the other side, in case of trails or relatively dark roads, you should go for wide-focused type f beam to achieve peripheral vision in an improved way.

Rechargeable Light Systems

Rechargeable light systems always feature lithium ion powered batteries. Bike owners may charge them many times, because of which such products act as environment-friendly alternative to previously used disposable batteries.



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