Premium Radiator Guard For BMW G310 gs

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    • Vehicle Compatibility: Radiator Guard For BMW G 310 GS Completely laser cut, will not affect the heat spreading and working. Same shape as the radiator, install it at the front side of the radiator. It helps to protect your radiator from sand or stone damage.
    • Premium Quality Radiator Guard Grill For B.M.W G 310 Gs
    • Easy Installation(Professional Needed Recommended).
    • Matte Black RustFree Coating And Unique Shape. Gives It A Classy Look And Protect It From Rust And Dust Also.
    • Styling Carefully Designed Keeping In Mind The Ergonomics, Performance And Durability Factors To Produce A Masterpiece That You Will Love To Choose.
    • Made With Up From Heavy Stainless Steel.
    • Protect the Radiator From Being Covered With Mud Thereby Keep The Heat Dissipation Effect
    • Its Dimenssion(28 cm*24.5 cm *0.1 mm) Cm Weight 170 gms.

  • Brand R.J.VON
    Model No RJVOBWRG
    Material Metal
    Item Weight 170 Gm
    Type Radiator Guard Grill
    B.M.W Radiator Guard Grill Premium Radiator Guard Grill
    Product Size 28Cm (Length) 24.5Cm (Width) 0.1mm (Height)
    Box Contents 1 Pcs.
    DESIGN Laser Cut
    Product color Matte Black
  • The Radiator Of The G 310 Is Susceptible To Impacts From Stones. Flies And Other Debris Quickly AccumulateIin The Slender Ribbing. Cleaning Is Thoroughly Laborious And Requires Lots Of Elbow Grease. The R.J.VON Premium Quailty Radiator Gurad Protects The Radiator Effectively Against Damage And Ensures Lasting Optimal Cooling Air Flow And A Significantly Reduced Need For Cleaning.